Mother Murphy's Book - Recipes, Tales & Adventures

My first book - coming soon!

I'm very proud and excited to announce that my first book is now at the publishers and should be available to buy in November 2020. 

Get yourself a copy of this, pop the kettle on, grab yourself a slice of cake or a plate of biscuits and enjoy the read.  Even if you haven't been to Mother Murphy's Tearoom you'll soon get to know me, Mr M, the Magical Tearoom on the Hill and all the wonderful people in the tearoom family.
It will also make a perfect Christmas present for somebody special.


A little snippet from the book:-


Let’s start at the beginning….. Why did I write this book?  I love books, reading them, touching them, the covers, the paper, the smell and of course, pictures and I lose myself in the story, the history, the recipes and the photos.  My recipe books, from chefs and bakers far and wide, are well thumbed and fill many shelves but sometimes, especially when I started to cook and bake seriously, they were difficult to use, with much page flicking needed to find the photo, the ingredients and methods for different elements.  If I wanted to make a lemon meringue pie, I wanted the photo, the ingredients, notes and instructions to all be together, not have to go back and forth with floury fingers. 

I wanted my book to be interesting, fun, moving, informative and most importantly, easy to follow.  It would tell the story of how Mother Murphy’s Tearoom evolved, with a sprinkling of my life journey to show the hopes and dreams which were the essence of the Magical Tearoom on The Hill.  I wanted my book to inspire others to follow their dreams just as I had.

I've also included various walks and cycles, starting with me growing up in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and some of my adventures with Beatrix, our Border Collie.  I share my unplanned heart attack on Ben Lawers, with a helicopter rescue, leaving poor Beatrix behind on the mountain and then the tale of when Mother Murphy became Grandma - both heart-warming and heart-breaking.