Kelpies set of 4 coasters  (includes UK Shipping!)

Kelpies set of 4 coasters (includes UK Shipping!)

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The Falkirk coaster pack features the famous Andy Scott horse sculpture known as the 'Kelpies'.  

The Kelpies are 30-metre-high horse-head sculptures depicting kelpies, located in Grangemouth, near Falkirk. The Kelpies are a monument to horse-powered heritage across Scotland.  Customers at the Magical Tearoom on the Hill would often stroll down to these magnificent statues before or having tea and cake (sometimes both!).  


These colourful coasters will brighten up any home! Perfect gift for locals or visitors to Falkirk as well as any horse lovers!  


Set of 4 coasters, 90mm x 90mm, wooden with a melamine top and manufactured in Scotland.