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Mother Murphy's Christmas Tearoom?

During the first Covid lockdown in 2020 I was looking for different ways to continue my love of writing and stumbled across the Campsie Writers' Group.

I'm very fortunate to live in East Dunbartonshire in Scotland so when everyone else across the country was forced to walk the streets because hills were beyond their 5 mile permitted travelling area, I was able to hike up and over the Campsie Fells, providing me and Beatrix, our collie, with much needed freedom and amazing views of the distance Munro mountains. 

Perhaps that's what caught my attention when I was looking at the the different groups on Facebook.  Anyway, I mustered up my courage and asked if I could join the group.  I was a little bit worried I might be out of my depth as a writer, having only just written my first book, The Magical Tearoom on the Hill.  But still, a published book must entitle me to call myself a writer I thought.

I need not have worried about how I'd be received.  The Campsie Writer's Group has to be one of the most relaxed set of people I now have the pleasure of calling my friends.

Over the last year we've had regular meetings (zoom of course) and we've laughed, shared stories, written stories, planned stories and listened to stories.  Sometimes we have a photo to write a short story about or perhaps a few words.  It's a very informal thing.  If you manage to write a story that's great but there's no pressure to do so and no shame if you arrive at the meeting in your pyjamas, still eating your breakfast toast at 1.00 pm with no story.  Nobody minds.  Nobody judges you.  Everyone is just pleased to see you join the meeting.

Our last meeting was this Monday, 18 October, which as some people will know, was my birthday.  I'd been given the task of providing a few words for people to write a story around, using my words as the start, middle or ending of their short story.  The words I provided the group were, "with some trepidation, she steadied her shaking hand and pushed the plug into the socket".

We had two weeks to think of a story using these words and I decided that as the day for reading the stories was my birthday, I'd allow myself to talk about my dream.  After all, if you can't follow your dream on your birthday, when can you?

Dare to Dream

March 2020

Boris told the nation we had to close, lock ourselves away and try to stay safe from the dreaded virus spreading and killing the world. The Magical Tearoom on the Hill had to close. 

Was this the end of a dream?

No! No! No!  I will write a new chapter in the life of Mother Murphy's.

Months passed.  Ideas were born.  Plans were drawn up.

A log cabin at the edge of the Highlands.  Not just a log cabin, but a log cabin with a tearoom.

Not just a tearoom, a Christmas Tearoom, where it's Christmas everyday.  Twinkling lights, sweet spices, a fabulous Christmas tree in the corner and a toy train running around the walls.  Staff in Victorian outfits, Santa serving coffees and Christmas crafting in the evenings.

The dream continues.  Today is the day.  All that's needed is the power to turn the dream into reality.

Mother Murphy arrived early in the morning and, with some trepidation, she steadied her shaking hand and pushed the plug into the socket.

There.  I've said my dream out loud for the world and the universe to hear.  Many people believe that's the way  to make your dreams come true.  Here's hoping that in the future there will indeed be a Mother Murphy's Christmas Tearoom, where once again scrummy gluten and dairy free cakes and bakes are the norm and not the exception.

Meanwhile, you can still enjoy our cakes and bakes by ordering our Monthly Box of Delights which will be delivered to you at home or your work or your friend's house or anywhere you choose.

If you want to create your own magical place with some delights of your own, why not order my book, The Magical Tearoom on the Hill, which is full recipes, tales and adventures.

Back to the Campsie Writer's Group though.  We are still meeting on zoom at the moment, twice a month, but do hope to be having real meetings again soon, probably in Lennoxtown.  We would love to have new members join us so if you are a writer wanting to meet like-minded people, would like to be a writer, enjoy writing and listening to stories, why not join us and become one of our writing friends.

Click here, The Campsie Writer's Group,  to join.

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  • Sounds great, a log cabin, big enough for a tearoom. And rooms to rent.

    Anne Murphy
  • I love this Debra – hope your dreams come true!

    Anna Bell

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