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Going International

What a week!  Our on-line store went live on Monday and many boxes of delights have been sent far and wide across the UK, including Falkirk, Halifax, Birmingham and beyond.  I can't thank everyone enough for your continued support as we continue to work our way through a new chapter for Mother Murphy's. 

Wait until you hear this though.  Today Mother Murphy's went international.  I was almost running down to the local post office today to send off two boxes of delights to France.  Can you believe it, four days after going live, we're sending our delicious cakes abroad.  I can't wait to see the photos of them arriving.


At this rate, we'll be needing another book, never mind a new chapter!

Lots of people have already ordered these cakes but many have not used the discount code which was available for the first 25 people.  Get your order in and type NEWCHAPTER in the discount code and you might still be lucky enough to received 10% off your purchase.  

Watch out for our November box of Mother Murphy's Biscuits to be announced soon.

Today is extra special for me.  15 years ago today I married my soul mate, Jim (otherwise known as Mr M, The Fat Controller or even the Deer Destroyer!).  Jim, in his wisdom, told me I could choose where we got married and I decided on the Isle of Skye.  On 7th October, Mr M, me, Danny and Paula, travelled up to the Balmacara Hotel, just outside the Kyle of Lochalsh and enjoyed a mad, ridiculously funny evening that only the lovely Paula could have organised.

Not getting married until 4 pm the following day, we had a leisurely drive across the Skye Bridge, up to the north of the Isle of Skye to the Flodiggary Hotel, Staffin, where the deed would be done. 

What did we all learn that day? 

Paula learned that I really was just as mad as she imagined when I announced at 3.30 pm I wanted to colour my hair purple.  Yes, 30 minutes before the ceremony was due to start.

I learned how to walk down 3 flights of stairs in high heeled shoes and a long dress!

Jim learned how to sit in public wearing a kilt!!

Danny learned that he had just gained his favourite sister-in-law. 

15 years later, we are still going strong.  There have been wobbly times, scary times but mainly fun and lovely times. 
Happy Anniversary Jim.  Love you lots x




  • Congratulations all round – here’s to your Anniversary and to a successful online business x

    Elaine Eley
  • Congratulations on your cakes and anniversary. Love your attitude to life and wishing you great Sucess with your business and your new book. I’m so excited for you. X

  • Wow Debra France!!no holding you now!
    Happy Anniversary to two lovely people!❤️❤️
    Now here’s a connection for you we have only once been on Skye and loved it!stumbled on the Flodigarry like Brigadoon a blast from the Past!Had afternoon tea and stepped back in time!Enjoyed it soo much stayed for D BB !wonderful food !and it was our Anniversary!Always meant to go back but looked it up recently and bit pricey nowadays!
    Love you wedding. Photos!💕💕👏👏🌟🌟

  • Happy Anniversary to you both 🍾🥂

  • Finding the right person, is finding the other half of your soul. Happy anniversary xx


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