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Going Live With a Poem

It's been a long journey from having my dream tearoom to changing the whole business model to become an on-line store because of Covid 19 restrictions.

The time is now though and it's with mixed feelings of excitement and fear that I will be pressing the button to go live on our new on-line store today. 

You can now purchase our first Monthly Box of Delights.


As I was chatting to my friend Salena, of Crafty Sal, telling her of my worries, before I knew it, she had written a poem for us which I think is just perfect.

Cakes they are a coming!

To houses across the land

Made by Mother Murphy

They taste just so grand

For once there was a tearoom

That's now gone nationwide

Cherry, lemon drizzle, chocolate 

Coffee and more besides

So get your order in online

Of these tasty cakes galore

And then wait, for your delivery

And the knock at your door

(socially distanced of course)..


Thank you Salena.  Of course, Salena's Coffee Cake will be in the first of our Mixed Box of Delights.

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