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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

You wonder how it happens don't you.  One minute you're looking for an outdoor tearoom with a canopy to shade under from the heat of the sunshine then the next you're running about hoping that you can all the last minute bits and pieces for Christmas.  Where has the year gone?

Mr M beat me to opening our advent calendar today! (but I have my Hotel Chocolat advent calendar which is not! for sharing).

December is an extra special time for us as we have Minnie's birthday to celebrate on 14th.  Wait for it.  This year she will be 3!  How did that even happen?

Those regulars to the tearoom will remember the visits I had down to Halifax, often leaving the tearoom early on a Sunday afternoon and leaving Mr M in charge.  Of course, he only thought he was in charge, the lovely tearoom family was really in charge and kept an eye on him and the tearoom in my absence.

This year, as Minnie is Peppa Pig obsessed, it just had to be a Peppa Pig birthday cake for her.  It's a bit of a logistical challenge timing the making of the cake, organising the journey down from Scotland and keeping the cake and all the bits and pieces secure.  So the cake is now ready and I'll be leaving Mr M in the capable hands of Beatrix as I drive down to Yorkshire tomorrow.  That should give me time before Tuesday to repair any cake breakages!


December Celebration Box

Don't forget December is a short month for making sure everything gets out in time for the big day.  The last orders for our December Celebration Box will be 9am on 21st December.  

(Please also not that there will now be no orders processed until Wednesday 14th December this coming week to give me chance to celebrate Minnie's birthday with her in Yorkshire).

Click here to order your December Celebration Box

For a Christmas gift idea, how about a recipe book with a difference - The Magical Tearoom on the Hill, Recipes, Tales and Adventures

Click here to order your copy of The Magical Tearoom on the Hill


Traditional Christmas Cake

My Christmas Cake is maturing nicely and will just get one more feeding with the brandy before I cover it in marzipan.  I'm hoping to do some live videos of me putting the marzipan on my cake and then making royal icing.  Here are some details for you:

Friday 17 December, 2 pm - Covering Christmas Cake in Marzipan

You will need:

- Cake Board 2" or so larger than your cake.  I've made an 8" square cake so have a 10" square board.
- Some jam, something like apricot jam, to cover the cake to make the marzipan stick to it. 
- Marzipan.  Ready made is good nowadays but you can make your own if you like.  Delia has a great recipe for home made marzipan.  I've got 3 blocks of 500g of marzipan myself.  It's best to have too much rather than not enough.  You can always make marzipan treats from the left overs.

Wednesday 22 December, 2 pm, Covering Christmas Cake in Royal Icing

This year I'm covering my cake with royal icing and making a snow scene.  You can also cover yours in fondant icing if you wish.  Again, you can buy good quality fondant now but there are plenty of recipes to make your own if you have time. 

For the royal icing, you will need:

- 500g icing sugar
- 3 medium free range eggs
- 1 teaspoon glycerine (this is optional.  You can get this from supermarkets and it helps to give a shine to your royal icing and stops it setting too hard, but don't worry too much if you can't get any).
- Decorations to put on your snow scene and/or some ribbon to tie around the sides.  How to decorate is your choice.


Real Christmas Trees, Baby Jesus and The Beauty Parlour

For those who missed the live video, here is the real story of Beatrix and Baby Jesus, as told by Beatrix.  Who knows, maybe Beatrix will publish a book next year!

Finally, how many mince pies have you had so far?  Do you know it's reported to be be good luck to eat a mince pie every day in December!

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