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Collection: Jams

All our jams and jelly-jams are home made by myself and Mr M, made with fruits that we have picked ourselves and contain only the best Scottish fruits.

Let’s take a closer look at jams and jellies. What’s the difference between a jam and a jelly-jam? In jelly-jams, only the juice of the fruit is used so there are no bits, which some people prefer. In jams, crushed or chopped fruit is used, and there are lumps of fruit. This also means that jams are usually less stiff than jelly-jams. Sometimes jams get called preserves, but I just call these runny jams.

Once you’ve tried home-made jams or jellies, you’ll find it almost impossible to eat shop-bought varieties. Home-made jams and jellies have a wonderful flavour, lovely texture, and great colour. OK, homemade may not have the extraordinary long shelf-life that shop-bought varieties seem to have, but in my experience, this doesn’t present a problem as I could have jams and jellies for breakfast, dinner, tea and supper.

All our jams and jellies are both gluten free and dairy free.

Once you've tried our jams and jellies, why not have a go at making your own using the recipes in our book, The Magical Tearoom on the Hill.



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