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Autumn Cheer

It's been a bit of whirlwind October so far for us.  Our on-line store is now up and running with our cakes being sent far and wide across the country and beyond.  They have even been on a cake tour in France!  

Cakes arriving safely in France 

It was my birthday yesterday too.  Thank you to everyone for your lovely birthday wishes.  It was like having hundreds of birthday cards to open.  My heart was bursting though to get a birthday card for Grandma.  You just can't imagine what this means to me.  Hopefully I will get to see my family again down in Yorkshire before the end of the year and not just have to use facetime!

Wearing my badge with pride

My birthday present from Mr M was a new walking jacket and waterproof walking trousers.  My current ones have served me well but now cannot keep the wild Scottish weather at bay and may times I've been getting back to the car soaked to the skin.  So new gear was purchased ready for a hike up a hill today.

Then I listened to the weather warnings of severe rain and flooding and decided that a long walk on the canal would be safer.  It also meant that I could take along Beatrix who is suffering with a bit of a sore leg  so the hills are out for her at the moment. The onset of arthritis I think.  A gentle walk on the canal would save me having the awful task of going out walking on the hills and not taking her with me.  Anyone with a dog, especially a mad border collie, will understand how a dog can sulk with you and make you feel terrible for going out without them.

Instead, with dark clouds filling the sky , Mr M took us both in the car out to Croy and we had a lovely walk back to Kirkintilloch on the canal bank in the rain.  It was not like being on the hills, but it was a different bit of the canal to our daily walks, so a little brightness in a dull day.  The highlight was the view when the rain eased a little and the autumn colours were amazing.  The other great thing about walking on the canal bank in the rain is that there were no other walkers or cyclists so Beatrix was off the lead all the time.  She has been known to chase lycra-clad folk which is a huge embarrassment to me being a cyclist myself!

A beautiful scene even on a dull day

Now I'm back to planning our next box of goodies - November's box will be a biscuit selection.

When the tearoom was open, it was my goal to have a biscuit selection to match the ones I had when I was growing up in Yorkshire.  You know the ones - Family Circle custard creams, bourbons, digestives....  Some people thought these were just cheap biscuits but I loved them.  

I was going to go one better though and mine would be gluten free and dairy free.  I know, if this was a TV, you'd press the off button now because most gluten free and dairy free biscuits in the supermarkets can be, well.....

My aim at the tearoom and now with our online goodies is to create cakes, bakes and biscuits that are tasty, scrummy, yummy and to die for but also gluten free and dairy free.  Lots of taste testing has taken place over the years but now we have our very own Mother Murphy Family Selection of biscuits.  I am incredibly proud of my bourbon biscuits and my Wannabe digestives.   Oh but what about the gingernuts...

Oh wait, a pre-pre-order  advance warning with exciting news about my book, Recipes, Tales and Adventures.  Typesetting is now underway at the publishers and I should be able to give you news on pre-order dates for you to lay claim to your copy.  How excited am I!


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  • Well done. Our daughter Rebecca has done two virtual marathons a month apart with her border collie. The Milton Keynes and London Marathon"s. After when she had rest days the dog wanted to know why they weren’t going out. Looking forward to both the biscuits and the book with excitement.

    Linda Hobbs

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