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Christmas Cake Recipe

Over the last couple of days we've been posting videos of me making our Christmas Cakes. 

Christmas Cake Part 1 gets the fruit ready to soak in brandy overnight. 

Christmas Cake Part 2 prepares the the cake mixture ready for baking. 

Christmas Cake Part 3 is wrapping the baked cake to keep it safe whilst it matures before we add marzipan and icing in December. 

Of course, we will be unwrapping it each week from now until the end of November to feed it with a helping of brandy to ensure that it is moist and flavoursome so more videos will follow next week for this.

This Christmas Cake is made using my gluten free and dairy free recipe.  For the last few years in the tearoom, this is the only Christmas Cake I made so everyone ate gluten free and dairy free Christmas Cake without knowing it. 
When I'm serving Christmas Cake (and eating it of course!) I like to have a thick slice of Christmas Cake with an equally thick slice of Wensleydale cheese on top of it.  Oh the different flavours and textures.  Go on try it.  You will be surprised at how wonderful the combination is.  My quest to convert the world to eat Christmas Cake with Wensleydale Cheese continues.  Of course, those who watch our facebook live chats will know that we are planning a Tearoom Road Trip to the fabulous Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes in my beloved Yorkshire Dales.  What a trip that will be with us all staying at my friend Karen's house.  We may need a marquee!

In Yorkshire we have a saying, "A fruit cake without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze".

Of course, this recipe is one you will find in my book, The Magical Tearoom on the Hill - Recipes, Tales and Adventures.  This will be out in November so plenty time for Christmas presents this year, but a little too late for you to follow the recipe to make this year's Christmas Cake.  So, as a little sneaky preview, there is a link to my Christmas Cake recipe at the end of this blog. 

Get your ingredients, watch the videos again and make yourself a fabulous Christmas Cake.   We will post further videos as we feed the cakes, cover in marzipan and finally ice and decorate them.

If you are needing cake now, why not treat yourself to our October Just Treats No Tricks box.


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